April 2013

Chadamama In Danger?

Today I got a sizeable shock when I discovered that the Chandamama magazine has not been appearing on news stands since three months. I bought the January issue while I was at home, and then went to college for my third… Continue Reading →

Home Sweet Home

After thirteen long days, it feels good to be back home. The tour was enjoyable, but it did seem to get monotonous at a point, and obviously it was entirely rushed. I would definitely love to visit Europe again, but… Continue Reading →

Day 13: Dubai – Bangalore

It took us 20 minutes to reach our gate. In between we had to take two lifts and a train ride, all within the airport! No wonder Dubai has one of the busiest airports in the world, and is an… Continue Reading →

Day 12: Rome – Dubai

Laden with their heavy purchases, the rest of the tour group had to huff and puff as they carried their luggage to the airport. Yes, it was already time to go home! After a casual breakfast, we got a new… Continue Reading →

Day 11: Florence – Rome – Vatican City – Rome

As we entered the capital of Italy – Rome – we were once again amazed by how familiar the surroundings were when compared to India, and yet it had all the European stylings as well. I personally would choose to… Continue Reading →

Day 10: Padova – Pisa – Florence

After a frustrating night without Wi-Fi, we began our journey to Pisa, home to the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa. I was surprised to see that the tower was actually a bell tower, part of a cathedral. But they never show… Continue Reading →

Day 9: Innsbruck – Venice – Padova

The last three days of our tour were set in Italy. Our tour manager warned us that Italy would remind us of India in many ways. And he was right. The first noticeable change was the weather. Until now, all… Continue Reading →

Day 8: Zurich – Vaduz – Wattens – Innsbruck

What do you see when you visit Liechtenstein? Well apparently not much. We were given an hour to roam around in Vaduz, the capital of Liechtenstein, which is one of the smallest countries of the world. Our itinerary described the… Continue Reading →

Day 7: Zurich – Mt.Titlis – Lucerne – Zurich

Snow, snow all around! We visited Mt.Titlis today, and it was my first experience to be amidst such thick snow. The last time I had been around snow was at Kedarnath, but that was only thin snow (we visited the… Continue Reading →

Day 6: Heidelberg – Schaffhausen – Zurich

Driving through the German Black Forest, we reached the “Drubba ” center for cuckoo clocks, right in the middle of the forest. This place was famous for its hand-crafted cuckoo clocks, and we got a quick lesson on how they… Continue Reading →

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