March 2013

Avoid Getting Tracked

As I was flipping through the pages of PcWorld in the library today, I found a useful little browser add-on. Called Disconnect, it stops websites from trying to track your browser activities. The two prominent websites it blocks are facebook and Google, which… Continue Reading →

Facebook Pushes Its Redesigned Timeline

Recently facebook introduced its redesigned profile, which is still available only to a small set of users. It will probably take more than a year to reach all the users on the site. This is how redesigned features are usually… Continue Reading →

Amazon + Goodreads = ?

Amazon.com is all set to acquire Goodreads, which is the facebook of the book world. With 16 million users, Goodreads is arguably the largest network of bookreaders/booklovers all across the world. Since Amazon.com started out with selling books, it made sense for them to… Continue Reading →

Animation Gets Real!

What would you do if you met a person walking down the street and discovered that he was just a computer generated image? Well that may not happen any soon perhaps, but at the moment, we have the technology to… Continue Reading →

And There Was A Holi Day

Ten years back, I used to enjoy playing holi. It was fun back then. Today, it is just plain rotten. Literally. Who came up with the rotten idea of using stinking eggs as substitutes for colours, I shall never know…. Continue Reading →

When Will The Inspiration Stop?

Just because it is said that great artists steal, it doesn’t mean stealing is the only sign of great artists! I’m speaking of the movie industry, where directors seem to believe that getting inspired from other movies is a sureshot way… Continue Reading →

The College Conspiracy

Is attending college a waste of time? Is the degree that you get at the end of four years worthless? These are just two of many questions that a documentary called College Conspiracy tries to answer. The documentary is targeted only… Continue Reading →

A Lengthy Brunch At ‘Little Italy’

Having never tried Italian food before, I was very interested after looking at the dishes at Little Italy, a restaurant in Indiranagar. My brother said that they serve a well-cooked brunch (it’s a chain of restaurants, and he was counting on… Continue Reading →

The End of the Year Approaches

Back in school, the end of March meant the end of the academic year. Then thanks to JNTU, March lost all meaning, as for four years the academic year refused to end before June. But now, thanks to an “autonomous”… Continue Reading →

Oh Look, New Analytics

Google is on a roll. Just days after introducing us to Google Keep – the note taking service, the company today brought out Universal Analytics – an upgrade to its standard Analytics product. As the name suggests, Universal Analytics allows users to track analytics… Continue Reading →

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