February 2013

Thoughts on the Oath of the Vayuputras – Part 2

Whew! Done at last! After a long wait, I’ve finished reading the Shiva trilogy, and I’ll have to admit it was one of the better series of books written by Indian writers today. Amish ought to be applauded for the… Continue Reading →

Thoughts on the Oath of the Vayuputras

One of the benefits of staying in Bangalore is that Flipkart treats you like royalty – since this is Flipkart’s base –  and delivers pre-ordered books on the same day of the release. Other cities might enjoy this facility too,… Continue Reading →

Fancy Magazines?

Today we got the first fortnightly edition of BusinessWorld. It had recently transformed from being a weekly magazine into a fortnightly, due to a number of reasons. This also seemed like a good time for the magazine to redesign itself, and… Continue Reading →

Life of Pi Loses “Best Picture”

Life of Pi did not win the Oscar for Best Picture, but it did win Ang Lee an Oscar for Directing. It was evident before itself that Argo would probably win the Oscar for Best Picture.  Just 5-6 years ago, it was almost… Continue Reading →

Free Wi-Fi In Trains

One of the most interesting things (to me) in today’s Railway Budget was the proposal to introduce Free Wi-Fi provision in select trains. Twitter is already abuzz with jokes about how this would #FAIL, but I admit it is an… Continue Reading →

Another Month With Numbers

A majority of my batchmates wish to specialise in Finance next year. That is understandable, because the “trend” in the industry points out that Finance students have better job and growth prospects in the long term. The previous batch had… Continue Reading →

Flipkart Is Giving Away Hundreds of Songs For Free

To celebrate the first birthday of their digital store – Flyte – Flipkart is giving away hundreds of songs (digital downloads) for free to its users. The promotion began five days ago, and continues till the 28th of February. This… Continue Reading →

Got 500 Crores? Open A Bank!

Now this is an interesting development – the RBI has invited applicants for new banking licenses. A string of companies, most notably Reliance, L&T and even India Post, have shown interest in applying for a banking license. There may be… Continue Reading →

Sony Doesn’t Know What The PS4 Will Look Like?

Still getting over the disappointment of not getting a glimpse at the PS4, I was surfing on Digg, only to notice an article about yesterday’s launch event. According to the article, Sony itself does not have a final prototype ready… Continue Reading →

The Playstation 4 Is Here…Well, At least The News Is!

The Playstation Meeting 2013 took place at 4AM IST, and I was snoozing, dreaming about how the new console would look like.  I leaped out of the bed in the morning and went online to see what the news was. It… Continue Reading →

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