December 2012

Thank You, Dear Friends

This post is scheduled to go live at 11:59PM, December 31, 2012. I’m offline right now, but this post is going online to thank you, my dear friends, for continuing to visit this blog! This is the first time among… Continue Reading →

Oh Yes, We Have A Zoo

After watching Life of Pi, my friend was really excited that he was visiting the Zoo today. I was at home, held up with some important work, but he was very thrilled to see a tiger in person. He came out… Continue Reading →

Where’s The Party At Midnight?

As New Year’s Eve approaches, Hyderabad is full of banners and signboards inviting people to various NYE bashes. Parties here, parties there, parties parties everywhere. Ringing in the New Year by drinking like crazy never seems to go out of… Continue Reading →

Life of Wow

After much delay, I watched Life of Pi recently, and I was pleased to watch a memorable movie after a long time. To be honest, the story could have used with a little more polishing, but the reason I liked the… Continue Reading →

Post-21 December

Today’s paper (too lazy to check which one) contains a hilarious article, giving dates of future “doomsdays”. Since December 21, 2012 is now behind us, the article says that naysayers need a new date to look forward to, a new… Continue Reading →

Writing Seems To Be The Easiest Part!

It is often said that in the process of bringing out a printed book, writing is the toughest part. This is true to some extent, because the dreaded writer’s block can halt a book’s progress for a very long time,… Continue Reading →

DVDs Are Not Good For The Long Term!

Maybe it is because the DVDs I bought were not of good quality, but today I found that around a dozen DVDs that I burned seven years ago are no longer readable. They were stored a little carelessly, but were… Continue Reading →

Year In Review

Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and a host of other websites that I’m too lazy to mention, are putting out special features called something like 2012 – A Year in Review. These features look back at the year and highlight some of the… Continue Reading →

Facebook Tries To ‘Poke’ Its Users

No, I never get tired of writing posts about Facebook! But hey, this time I have something interesting to write about. Facebook has released a new app called Poke, which is an extension of its once-famous Poke feature. This new app enables… Continue Reading →

Dabangg 2 Is Not For Boring People!

Today as I was flipping through Deccan Chronicle, a movie listing caught my eye. It was for Dabangg 2, which was released yesterday.This listing was quite amusing. Look at what it says: Now, I guess this listing was put in by one… Continue Reading →

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