November 2012

iTunes 11 Finally Comes Out

Towards the last week of October, I used to visit the Apple website frequently to see if the new iTunes had been released yet. Then somewhere in the last three days or so, there was a new notice saying that… Continue Reading →

When Is The Box Coming Out, Microsoft?

Due to the irritating reason that my laptop doesn’t connect to the poor wi-fi network at hostel when booted into Linux, I find myself using Windows more often than usual. After being used to the (mostly) secure Linux environment, it… Continue Reading →

Can You Get Attached To An Operating System?

As December approaches, I always remember the day four years ago when I first laid my eyes upon a magazine in the only bookshop in town, featuring three free DVDs. I had read this magazine earlier, many years ago, but… Continue Reading →

More Digital Garbage

In September, I wrote about how I had accumulated more than a thousand files during my first term at B-School. Ever since I observed that fact, I became very conscious about my activities on my laptop. With just a fortnight… Continue Reading →

What About The Others?

There are 13 IIMs in the country, and even the seven newer IIMs hold the same sway over students as the older ones do. It is not just the students, but their parents and relatives, who believe that once you… Continue Reading →

IKEA’s Struggle To Enter India

There I was, sitting bored after a hectic gaming session (yes, playing the same game for four hours can get tiring!) and having nothing else to do, I decided to pick up a case that was due for discussion in… Continue Reading →

Pagalguy Season 2

Pagalguy was an important destination for me when I was looking for good B-Schools to join. When   I joined the forum, I realised that I was quite late to join the discussion. CAT had already ended, and so had XAT…. Continue Reading →

Who Moved My Cheese?

After hearing about it for many years,I tracked down Who Moved My Cheese in my college library, and flipped through it within half-an-hour. It’s that short, and quite memorable. It is a very short book, with just over ninety pages. It… Continue Reading →

The Games Have Started

One year back, during this very month, I was one of the thousands of students across India wondering which college to pick for pursuing an MBA. I had given my CAT, and was preparing for the XAT, and in between… Continue Reading →

The Headache Called DRM

As Assassin’s Creed III is getting ready to release on PCs in India, I bought a copy of Assassin’s Creed II today. I had initially pre-ordered AC3, but decided to cancel it and finish playing the older games first. When… Continue Reading →

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