October 2012

Gloomy End To October

Having grown up watching The Simpsons, I always used to look forward to October 31 – Halloween, for that was the day when Star World used to air a marathon of all the episodes of Treehouse of Horror, and I never used… Continue Reading →

Stop Leeching The Wi-Fi

This is my first experience as a hosteler, and I must say that I chose the right time in my life to become one. Had I stayed in a hostel during the earlier stages of my education, I might not… Continue Reading →

Windows 8 Professional For 2K? Good Deal!

Windows 8 comes in two major flavours for the PC, namely Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro. This is a whole lot easier to remember than the numerous versions that Windows 7 had, and the Windows versions before that. Anyway, at the… Continue Reading →

Oh No, Ubuntu! How Could You Do This?

Maybe it is entirely my netbook’s fault; it does not have the power to run a 2012 operating system smoothly. Then again, the fault is partially Ubuntu’s as well. Let me start from the beginning. There was an important event… Continue Reading →

Wake Up, Grandpas!

In a short span of four months, B-School has turned a lot of students in this batch into half-Grandpas. Why? Well, what does a grandpa usually do? He wakes up a lot after the sun has risen, eats a very… Continue Reading →

Sun TV Buys ‘Deccan Chargers’

Sun TV has bought the IPL franchise that used to be known as the ‘Deccan Chargers’. This was today’s headline, in a business newspaper. It makes sense. Not the news, but the placement of the story. IPL is a huge… Continue Reading →

Streaming? Don’t Make Me Laugh!

Recently, I wrote a post/rant about how ebooks/ezines will not take over regular books/magazines in India anytime soon. Today, as I was watching South Park’s latest episode, I discovered another phenomenon that is big in the US right now, but is… Continue Reading →

Another iPad? #$%@#!@&!

Since I don’t like profanity on my website, I’ve written the conventional nonsensical characters in the title to indicate anger. I’m not angry; but it turns out that a lot of iPad owners are very, very angry. Why? That’s because they… Continue Reading →

Another iPad. Another Expensive Affair

The much-talked about iPad mini was unveiled today, and as expected there was a lot of buzz about it in various forums and many discussions took place. On my side, I did not get very excited about the launch of… Continue Reading →

Why, Digitalpoint?

What happened to you, Digitalpoint? What went wrong? Why did you allow this to happen?   You used to be a sparkling piece of the web, full of interesting and amazing discussions; not to mention the superhit BST forum. You… Continue Reading →

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