September 2012

March of Doom?

What do the people of Andhra Pradesh really want – a developed state, or two under-developed states? The answer to this question remains tricky, as the politicians hardly leave any room for the people to express their opinion. The ongoing… Continue Reading →

Content Overload

An article in the newspaper about how Youtube was fueling the careers of short-film makers, made me think of the sheer amount of content on the website. Now there are some crazy statistics about the number of videos being uploaded… Continue Reading →

An Apology From Apple?

This is something that one does not get to see everyday. Apple Inc has issued a public apology. The Maps feature on the iOS 6 is apparently so full of glitches that it is making more than 100 million early adapters… Continue Reading →

The Wait For The Casual Vacancy Is Nearly Over

It’s 3:30 pm as I write this, and The Casual Vacancy  released across India an hour ago. I won’t be getting my copy until tomorrow, since Flipkart does not dispatch the books until this evening. The wait for another day may… Continue Reading →

Poor, Poor Blackberry

From being a status symbol among its loyal users, the Blackberry brand has become the butt of all jokes among Apple and Android fan circles. It’s happening all around. Over the past two weeks, I’ve stumbled onto at least five… Continue Reading →

Will Samsung Drop Android?

After HTC unveiled the world’s first ever Android mobile phone, Samsung has more or less taken over the reins and has become the dominant brand in selling Android phones worldwide. The war between Apple and Samsung is testimony to the… Continue Reading →

Google For Entrepreneurs

Google launched a new programme for entrepreneurs, simply called Google For Entrepreneurs. Since once again my laziness has gotten the better of me, I have not yet read the entire blog post that Google has put up, explaining the programme. But I… Continue Reading →

Could Windows Phone Be The New Android?

As of now, the answer is no. But maybe sometime in the future? Yes, maybe. Today, when my friend chose a Windows Phone over an Android Phone, I got thinking about how Microsoft is in a unique position in the… Continue Reading →

Time To Start Writing Sense?

Yes, this is my blog. Yes, I can write what I want on this website. And yes, judging by the kind of things I’m writing now, the few people who do read my blog will stop visiting within a few… Continue Reading →

Oh, The Formality!

There are a lot of formalities in our life. In most cases we don’t have any option but to silently deal with them. One such set of formalities can be found at educational institutions. If you need to get some… Continue Reading →

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