August 2012

Another Shot At Multitasking

Quite a few months back, I remember writing something about multitasking. It’s everywhere, and most people multitask on a regular basis. But very few people multitask with an intention to do so. In an office environment, people multitask sub-consciously, half the… Continue Reading →

Time To Check Out of the Hotel?

Until now whenever someone asked me how life at B-School was, I always replied that it was pretty much like staying at a comfortable hotel room. Four hours of classes set aside, the rest of the day usually goes by… Continue Reading →

One Day of Jolicloud

Jolicloud is quite an efficient netbook operating system. There’s no doubt about that. But it’s a shame that it is usable only when the user has a strong and reliable internet connection. My internet connection was strong enough to download… Continue Reading →

Hang In There, Dear Netbook…

As most of my classmates go around carrying there 3+kg laptops, a few students including me have it easy with our netbooks, which weigh just a little over a kilogram. The netbook market is dying for sure, but it’s good… Continue Reading →

Term 1 Is In The Last Lap

Although there is still time for the final stretch, it would be safe to assume that this is the last lap of term 1. Three weeks and no more. Judging by how fast the last two and a half months… Continue Reading →

Is Samsung = Apple?

My friend sent me a very interesting link today. It was a Google Plus page (not sure if I should call it an update or a post or whatever! The link says it is a post though) On this page,… Continue Reading →

India Vs Social Media

This is one of those topics which could be written in great detail, after an even greater amount of research, with a truckload of examples and case studies. But this is also one of those topics which would not change… Continue Reading →

One More Year of Cell Phone Radiation

When the government announced that the radiation emitted by cell phone towers would be reduced to 1/10th of the current levels, I was quite pleased. No matter how much the experts argue, cell phone towers are definitely a bad influence… Continue Reading →

Seminars Revisited

It’s always a nice break to stop droning classes and do something interactive. But even too much of a good thing can get tiring. Back in B.Tech, whenever the lecturers felt things were getting too monotonous, they used to assign… Continue Reading →

Sigh…If Only This Was True

Movies form an excellent medium of expressing creativity. They offer an excellent platform for writers and directors to stretch their imagination and come up with situations that would seem unrealistic in everyday life. But then, such movies are successful because… Continue Reading →

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