July 2012

Here’s TED-ED!

Wow, I’m writing about TED again so soon! But today’s discovery was indeed worth writing. I discovered the newest version of  TED, simply called TED-ED. It focuses on education. If TED is all about spreading ideas, then TED-ED is about… Continue Reading →

Flipkart Raises Its Minimum Shopping Price…Again

It’s happened yet again – Flipkart has raised the minimum shopping price from Rs.200 to Rs.300. If you shop below Rs.300, you need to pay a shipping fee of Rs.30. I still remember the days when the minimum amount was… Continue Reading →

Ideas Are Indeed Powerful

For the past six months, I’ve been watching quite a few TED talks. I still remember the first TED talk which I discovered, and it was Pranav Mistry’s talk about his invention, Sixth Sense. After that I discovered the TED website,… Continue Reading →

Respite From Further Surprises

There was a “food committee” meeting scheduled today, and although we knew this was planned a week ago, we couldn’t help but remark that yesterday’s giant Idli incident triggered off this meeting! At the end of the meeting, the committee… Continue Reading →

The Giant Idli

There are some days when I feel so lazy to think about what to write, that I end up creating posts like these! Anyway, this is an interesting post for me, because I had to eat the Idli in question. The canteen… Continue Reading →

The Day We Came Back Online

As mentioned a few days earlier, there was this worrying situation about most of us going offline due to faulty routers. Today we finally got some relief when two technicians came along and gave us the much required IP address…. Continue Reading →

It’s Never Too Late To Restart

The sheer size of our library is impressive. There are thousands of books to browse through, and yet the room itself seems to be a bit small to contain “thousands” of books. Anyway, I was having a chat with a… Continue Reading →

Beware The Rain

The monsoon seems to have arrived at last in Bangalore (although there were a few showers in the previous weeks). I can say this not because of the rains, but because of the number of people who have suddenly started… Continue Reading →

Too Early For Sweet Memories?

After a gap of more than a month, I went back to my old college today. Since I had been traveling continuously for the past two days, it  was a bit of a surprise to suddenly find myself there! I… Continue Reading →

The Best Way To Brighten Up Your Mood

What is the best way to brighten up your mood? I’ve tried out many things. Usually, listening to some music, or playing a video game (hack ‘n slash games help a lot!) work well. However, I’ve realised that the best way… Continue Reading →

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