June 2012

Catching Up With The West

There was a special (unscheduled) guest lecture today, by a distinguished guest whose name I would not prefer to mention here. The subject was Catching up with the West in Terms of Education. As the guest was on a tight… Continue Reading →

The Amazing Reboot

A few months ago, I wrote about how Hollywood producers are milking superhero franchises mercilessly. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is a gigantic example of this. They’ve several superheroes, and they’re churning out one sequel after another, including the hugely successful… Continue Reading →

One Year of Google Plus

It’s been a year already? I was surprised when I read at Mashable that tomorrow, 28th June, 2012,  marks the first birthday ofGoogle Plus. I still remember how Google managed to create as much excitement as it did for Gmail…. Continue Reading →

For The Love of Books

This post was meant to be put up a few days ago, but it kept sitting in my drafts for a long while. I’ve written about book crossing earlier, and how the concept has fascinated me, but there wasn’t much… Continue Reading →

Haw-haw…You’re Reading A Book!

This is one of those stories which is both funny and sad. Here I was, sitting in my room watching an episode of The Simpsons, while my roommates were reading for a class we had today. (one of the things… Continue Reading →

When’s The High-Definition Story Releasing?

HD and 3D are perhaps the most over-used words in the movie industry these days. I’m not talking about any one industry in particular, but every industry. Actually, the movie industry is just concerned with 3D now, while HD has… Continue Reading →

MBA Begins

Orientation week is done and the real classes begin tomorrow. But the course has already begun, in the form of an assignment which we have to finish, as part of preparation for tomorrow’s first class. This seems to be a… Continue Reading →

Facebook’s Story

For the first time ever, I laid my eyes upon the Wall Street Journal, and the very first issue which I saw had a very interesting story – a review of the first month of Facebook’s stock. It was more… Continue Reading →

Networking…Like This?

There are a lot of things which seem funny when they happen, but later when I think about them I realise it is actually sad. There was one such incident today which made me feel amused when I saw it… Continue Reading →

Not Again…

Indian writing in English keeps going up and down, but all the book-lovers who I’ve talked to have said that they prefer not to read most of the books being written by new Indian writers. They say that the plots… Continue Reading →

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