May 2012

Day 14: Hyderabad

Had we been staying in Hyderabad, today would not have been counted as part of the tour. But seeing that we are still not at home, and will proceed to Karimnagar only tomorrow, I’m counting today to be the last… Continue Reading →

Day 13: Watunde – Lavasa – Dehu – Pune – Hyderabad

After a lovely breakfast and a goodbye prayer from the people at the Yogashram, we departed towards the nearby Lavasa, which is a half-famous, half-infamous ‘hill-station’, touted to be India’s first planned hill city. It is infamous because it has been… Continue Reading →

Day 12: Watunde

Today the entire day was spent at the Yogashram, and all of us had a chance to really take in the surroundings and have a nice, peaceful day. Every activity at the place is an experience, and it is a… Continue Reading →

Day 11: Wai – Panchgani – Pune – Watunde

Today we checked out from our hotel at Wai and proceeded to Panchgani, which is actually right beside Mahabaleswar. Our guide had recommended that we visit Panchgani at the end, because there is only one popular place over there. (Actually… Continue Reading →

Day 10: Wai – Mahabaleswar – Wai

Early in the morning, we set out to Mahabaleswar in our taxi, and were once again witness to the large weekend crowds. We first visited the Lord Shiva temple, after which it was off to the mountains again. Our guide/driver… Continue Reading →

Day 9: New Delhi – Pune – Wai

Why IndiGo operates its flights so early in the morning I may never know, but I know it’s a strategy that appeals to a lot of people. No wonder it is one of India’s most successful airlines today. Anyway, our… Continue Reading →

Day 8: Gurgaon

Thanks to the unpredicted cancelation of our flight to Hyderabad, we got a day off today, which we spent in completely unwinding and letting go of all the stress of our long journey. I was especially excited because I got… Continue Reading →

Day 7: Chandigarh – New Delhi

The day began with a bad news. Our flight to Hyderabad had gotten canceled due to the strike by Air India’s pilots. We had to figure out a solution soon. We decided to book a flight to Pune, where the… Continue Reading →

Day 6: Manali – Chandigarh

Did I say “goodbye to the hills”? Scratch that. Although we did bid goodbye to Manali, the hills continued to follow us through most of our journey today. Apparently, there is a “shortcut” to our next destination – Chandigarh –… Continue Reading →

Day 5: Manali – Kullu – Manali

Today we finally got a chance to wake up late. It is on days like these that one truly enjoys the luxury of being on a ‘vacation! The agenda for the day was to visit Kullu, and our guide told… Continue Reading →

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