April 2012

Enough About Instagram Already!

The tech community still seems to be obsessed with the billion-dollar deal Facebook made to buy out Instagram. Well the hub-bub has died down of course, but the references do not seem to be going down at all. Everywhere a… Continue Reading →

Are Videos Going To Replace Text?

It’s been two years since I’ve looked at the internet through a marketer’s point of view. Today I took some time off to look at it from a user’s point of view.  To be more particular, an Indian user’s point… Continue Reading →

What Should THEY Blog About?

There have been days when I scratched my head for a bit too long, wondering what to write about here. I know for a fact that most of my posts are meaningless and useless. I write them only for myself,… Continue Reading →

Finished At Last

They said it would be Wednesday. Then it turned out to be on Friday. When Friday finally came, the moment came and went in just five minutes. My project viva finally got finished today, and it lasted for all but… Continue Reading →

Ubuntu 12.10 Comes Out

After 11.04 I really lost interest in updating to the next version of Ubuntu the day it came out. I didn’t download 11.10 on its release date, because I hated its core feature – Unity as the default desktop environment,… Continue Reading →

Technology and Platforms

Continuing on what I wrote yesterday, I think that technology has given us some great platforms. The Internet itself is one giant platform which allows global communication. In it we have tools like Google, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, etc.  Each of… Continue Reading →

Still Not Utilised Fully….

Youtube has been around for six years now. It has definitely changed the Internet. It has revived the careers of many artists, and in some cases it has even created careers for artists. In case of non-artists, it has given… Continue Reading →

Really? Come Back on Wednesday?

Now this is really frustrating. After setting a hard deadline to submit the project books, our department coolly announced that there would be no presentation for the project today. We were asked to come back on Wednesday. All those days… Continue Reading →


Facebook has long been hailed as the successor of email, at least in the informal sense. People use Facebook more than emails to contact their frends. It’s very rare to see someone using email to communicate with their friends. I’m… Continue Reading →

Project Woes Part 3

Despite hoping for a better day today, my project woes continued for the third consecutive day. The binder messed up the front cover, and the college logo was missing on all the seven  copies. This might call for a re-printing/binding… Continue Reading →

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