March 2012

Six Months Of Nonsense!

This is the fourth or fifth time that I’ve attempted to maintain a steady blog, but never before have I spent six months blogging each and every day, like I did on this blog! My earliest attempts at blogging started… Continue Reading →

What’s Up Facebook?

66 lakhs…77lakhs….1.6 crores! These astonishing figures denote the package that Facebook has offered to three students from across India recently. While the two figures in lakhs went to students from IITs, the 1.6 crore package went to an undisclosed person… Continue Reading →

Addicted To Tech Books!

It all started when I read in a newspaper that Microsoft’s co-founder Paul Allen was releasing his autobiography soon. That got me interested, because I wanted to know how the world’s largest software company came to be. So as soon… Continue Reading →

Pottermore Draws Closer (Finally!)

After many months of waiting, Pottermore is finally opening its gates to the world in April. I hope it won’t be postponed yet again, but the notice on their site looks promising this time. I visited the site after a… Continue Reading →

Where Are The Indian Innovators?

That seems like a silly question, given the fact that innovators around the world are short in supply right now! Another silly aspect of this question is that I’m talking about only innovators in the tech field. There are definitely… Continue Reading →

The IM Community Is On Pinterest!

The Internet Marketing (IM) community is made up of a huge bunch of people who are always looking for quick and profitable ways to earn money. There are a small group of people within this large group, whose major profits… Continue Reading →

Information Overload

Having too much information about something is never a good thing! I’ve been the victim of information overload more than twice, in three different things, and I’ve always ended up feeling terrible about it. Right now I am suffering from… Continue Reading →

For The Love of Money…

Today I finished reading a book called Snapshots from Hell – The Making of an MBA. It is an 18-year old book about life at Stanford Business School. To be more precise, it was about the first-year of the MBA course… Continue Reading →

The Birds Are Interesting In Space

Fifteen levels in the demo. But they were enough to show that Angry Birds Space is definitely addictive! But players who are playing Angry Birds for the first time will never like the original game after playing AB Space! That’s… Continue Reading →

The Birds Are Angry In Space Too!

Today I was really angry. I got yet another unfair examination result from JNTU. But what can I do about it, except for channeling out my anger in some form? Angry Birds to the rescue! Today happens to be the… Continue Reading →

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