February 2012

Windows Consumer Preview Is Here!

The Windows 7 Developer’s Preview wasn’t made public, but the beta and RC versions were made public. But in case of Windows 8, the Developer’s Preview was made available to anyone who wanted to test it out. I was one… Continue Reading →

Google Updates Its Panda

Here I am trying to build some niche websites, and Google comes along and changes its panda algorithm once again! Anyway, it’s not me who should be worried but the dozens of other marketers who have created websites in a … Continue Reading →

A Phone With A 41MP Camera?

Nokia has always prided itself to bring out the best “camera-phones” in the market. And it highlights this feature as the USP for every such phone. Now there’s another such phone coming out, and it’s got a 41MP camera! Techcrunch… Continue Reading →

Bitten Again

The gaming bug is in no mood to leave me. After I rediscovered GTA:SA, I couldn’t help but spending all of today trying out a few tough missions. This was the first time I was playing GTA without using any… Continue Reading →

Re-playing San Andreas

According to the memory card on my PS2, the last time I played GTA:San Andreas was 21 December, 2010. That’s very surprising, and I’m actually shocked to know that I haven’t played GTA all through 2011! So it was high… Continue Reading →

J.K.Rowling Has Written Her New Book!

For all the Harry Potter fans who were disappointed that the series finally came to an end with the release of the last movie in 2011, this is definitely good news. J.K.Rowling’s new book is coming out later this year!… Continue Reading →

A Month Without The Horn

A month ago, my scooter was involved in a minor accident, and being the indestructible giant it is, the vehicle didn’t get damaged. However, the accident did have a small side-effect: the horn got spoiled. It’s just a small misplacement… Continue Reading →

Enter Amazon

Today I received a quite surprising email from Amazon.com. I had known for quite a while that Amazon is preparing to enter the Indian market, but I never knew that they would enter through a smaller venture first. Today’s mail… Continue Reading →

After Social Networking Sites, It’s Email!

This is seriously getting out of hand. National security is no doubt important, but trying to intrude into the privacy of its citizens is something that any government should keep away from. The Indian government tends to differ. Perhaps it… Continue Reading →

Am I Confused About Choosing A College?

This is quite hilarious. Each day, I’m receiving at least two emails from colleges announcing that I’ve been shortlisted for the GD/PI round of their admission process for an MBA. Why is it so funny? It’s because I never applied to… Continue Reading →

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