January 2012

A Window Is Open!

After the doors of the IIM were closed for me thanks to my dismal CAT score, there was a glitter of hope with a decent SNAP score. But there wasn’t any real opportunity there. Now XAT has come along and… Continue Reading →

Kinect Is Two Days Away!

It is less powerful than the actual Kinect for XBox, but Kinect for PC is still going to be an exciting piece of technology. At the moment there might not be many applications available for Kinect PC, but soon there… Continue Reading →

What’s In The HUD?

Unity still continues to be an integral part of the Ubuntu development process. There are only three months left for the new version of Ubuntu to come out, and Unity is still alive. Well it is time for people to… Continue Reading →

Oh My, I’m Rejected!

Well that was fun. It wasn’t even a conventional interview. I got through to the last round and even spoke well, but apparently I didn’t speak well enough to be selected! So there it is – my first rejection! And… Continue Reading →

An Interview?

Only a few days ago, I decided not to attend any placement drives. But due to multiple factors, it looks like I’ll be eating my words. There’s an on-campus placement drive tomorrow by HCL, and one of the reasons I’m… Continue Reading →

No SMS Holiday For Republic Day!

Now isn’t this a little amusing? New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day were blackout days for SMS users, meaning that they would be charged a whole rupee for sending text messages on those two days. They were not national… Continue Reading →

Oh Right, Three Months Left

It is really hard to keep track of time. Sometimes it crawls slower than a snail, and sometimes it races faster than…well, whatever is fast. While there are scores of examples for this, the latest example is how January 2012… Continue Reading →

Hopes Pinned On XAT

XAT is a very old examination and is considered to be quite tough, almost as tough as CAT. Yet it does not attract the same amount of applications as CAT does. Still, it does have a lot of competition, and… Continue Reading →

YES+ Day 5

And so it comes to an end. The final moments of the workshop were certainly fun, and rather amusing+inspiring as well. As the 40-odd participants bid goodbye to each other, I did notice that for a moment I felt sad… Continue Reading →

YES+ Day 4

7 hours. Actually, it was somewhere around 7 1/2 hours. Day 4 was a long session of 7 1/2 hours and I expected it to  be full of action. Well it was, but it still left a hole somewhere in… Continue Reading →

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