November 2011

Facebook Sharing Gets Dangerous

Over the past few days, I noticed that a few of my friends were sharing updates on my Facebook news feed that looked unique. They were updates from an app called Washington Post Reader, which is obviously an app that… Continue Reading →

Cyber Whaa…?

Many years ago, when I was watching Mr.Bean, I remember an episode where Mr.Bean is waiting in line to attend a sale at a store. Everything at that store ws 50% off or something like that, and there was a… Continue Reading →

The Major Project Beckons

Okay it’s official. 4-1 has ended, or at least the classes have. The semester ended two days earlier than planned, but it’s happened! Now there are just the exams to look forward to and then it’s on to 4-2. I… Continue Reading →

A Week Without The Phone

Like millions across the world, I too am addicted to using my mobile phone everyday. I do not use it much to make calls, but it is used quite frequently to check my mail, listen to music, watch videos and… Continue Reading →

Stampede For The Bold?!

Now this came across as a surprising news! The new Blackberry Bold 4 (that’s the shortcut name; I don’t remember the version number!), which is priced very close to the other leading smartphones in the market, met with a lukewarm… Continue Reading →

Three More Days To End The Semester

It’s surprising that the penultimate semester of my undergraduate course is already about to end. Five months from now, I’ll finish the course and will officially be a graduate! While all that seems rosy and good, I’m excited about the… Continue Reading →

Common Sense Saves The Day!

Out of the 14 labs that I’ve attended so far, Web Technologies is easily my second-most-favourite (the first being English!), because of its simplicity and its deep emphasis on web designing. Not counting English, I’ve performed badly in all lab… Continue Reading →

Push The Panic Button

On the very first day of my engineering course, I sat along with a hundred other students in a seminar hall, where the faculty members addressed us one after the other, and most of them had only one thing to… Continue Reading →

Yet Another Viral Song!

2011 seems to be the year of viral songs! Youtube already has a very good reputation of building hype and serving as an excellent platform for viral marketing, but this has been enforced in full force in India only in… Continue Reading →

The Ugly Side of the Publishing Industry?

Today I watched the latest episode of the Simpsons, titled The Book Job. It was quite an entertaining episode, which was more of a thriller rather than a comic episode. Nonetheless, I enjoyed it quite a lot, more so due… Continue Reading →

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